The most seamless civil contractor in houston, tx.

Our Mission

To conduct safe and efficient ventures to innovate the developments we utilize in everyday life.

Our history runs deep

Though Carter Construction is a "newer" company, our teams history runs deep in the civil, utility and paving history. With over 35 year experience, we have made a lot of great relationships and continue to shine our legacy through every project. We create excellence.

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Meet The Team

Our team of professionals create our success. We are proud of the group of awesome people we have here at Carter.
Robert Carter
Wanda Carter
Melissa Sims
Office Manager/Bid Coordinator

Our Vision

We want to give our clients excellent results for a fair price

Our Values


Consistency is the foundation of Carter Construction's commitment to excellence. It underlines our unwavering dedication to delivering reliable and predictable results in every project. This commitment not only builds trust but also establishes us as a dependable partner in achieving construction excellence.


Quality serves as the essence of Carter Construction's ethos, embodying our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. In each project, we prioritize meticulous craftsmanship, superior materials, and stringent standards to ensure a benchmark of excellence. This dedication to quality not only shapes the outcomes we deliver but also solidifies our reputation as a construction partner synonymous with top-tier workmanship and lasting value.


Safety is paramount at Carter Construction. We prioritize a culture of safety, implementing rigorous measures to ensure the well-being of our team and the success of every project. Our commitment to safety sets us apart as a reliable partner in the construction industry.


Integrity is the core value that defines Carter Construction. It guides our unwavering commitment to honesty and ethical conduct in every aspect of our work. Emphasizing transparency, accountability, and principled practices, our dedication to integrity builds trust and positions us as a construction partner recognized for unwavering ethical standards and a sincere commitment to doing what is right.


Honesty is a fundamental principle at Carter Construction, shaping our interactions and projects. We uphold a culture of transparency, forthrightness, and sincerity in all that we do. This commitment to honesty not only fosters open communication but also establishes Carter Construction as a trustworthy partner in construction, dedicated to straightforward and ethical practices.

Carter Construction Philanthropy

Carter Construction provides support to neglected and abused animals in our country.